What Registered Really Means

No dog is a “pure-bred” if it does not have an Individual Dog Registration Certificate issued by the Canadian Kennel Club; regardless of parentage! The “PAPERS” are provided at NO EXTRA COST to the buyer. The papers are not available at time of purchase as the transfer of ownership must be submitted to the CKC. They are usually mailed back to the breeder so they can complete their breeding records; then forwarded to the new owner within 6 months of purchase. The registration paper will now have your name as the owner on it.

The cost of the puppy or dog, is usually determined by the expense to the breeder. Factors to take into consideration are the genetic and health screening of the parents, cost of stud service, cost of travel to and from the stud, veterinary bill (health checks, wormings, docking tails, removing dewclaws, inoculations, and ear cropping), food, shelter and proper upkeep of animals and facility. Another expense to the breeder is KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge of the dog’s ancestry, genetic background, temperament, subscriptions to dog journals, memberships in various clubs, a library of books and countless hours interacting with the dogs.

Deal with a breeder that is involved in many aspects of dog ownership: training, showing and working. these breeders are usually more informed and are continuously striving to improve their line. most will offer some kind of written guarantee against genetic health problems. get you money’s worth – BUY FROM A registered BREEDER!

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