Versatility Rules


Applicant must be a member in good standing of the Bouvier des Flandres Club of Canada.


To promote the versatile nature of the Bouvier des Flandres. Originally bred as working stock dogs, the Bouvier has developed a wide range of talents. The Versatility Program recognizes the Bouviers which have proven their competence as versatile working dogs.

Bouvier Versatility Companion (BVC):

Title to be earned by gaining five (5) points from a minimum of three (3) categories.

Bouvier Versatility Companion Excellent (BVCX):

Title to be earned by gaining ten (10) points from a minimum of five (5) categories.

Bouvier Versatility Compagnion Champion (BVCCh):

Title to be earned by gaining fifteen (15) points from a minimum of six (6) categories. At least two (2) points each from two (2) different categories must be earned at intermediate or advanced level work (e.g. CDX, UD, HI, HX).


One (1) point for each title earned.  Where specific stock titles are given, such as STD, STDd, etc.  Each type of stock will count for one (1) point.

A.)  Herding Instinct Tested (HC, HIC) – only one Instinct test may be claimed.
E.)  Working farm or ranch dog – * video or work on three different occasions or verification forms required.

One (1) point for each title or degree earned.

A.)  One point for each title from all levels of CKC, AKC, UKC, and foreign or other recognized registry.
B.) VB, B, BH (Traffic Secure Companion) from any Schutzhund organization
C.) Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC)

One (1) point for each title.

B.)  Temperament Tested (TT)
C.)  CEA Normal Eyes or CERF Registered
D.)  vWD tested Clear
E.)  Certification of Clearance of any breed specific health problem not listed above.

One (1) point for each title.

A.)  All levels of CKC, AKC, FCI, any Schutzhund organization or other recognized registry
B.)  Narcotics, Bomb detection*
C.)  Search and Rescue*
D.)  Professional Tracking Dog*

One (1) point for each title or verification of work.

A.)  Sledding, Sled Team member, Lead Sled Dog
B.)  Ski-jouring*
C.)  Carting
D.)  Backpacking*
E.)  Weight pulling*
F.) Draft dog

One (1) point for each work or service.

A.)  Guide Dog*
B.)  Hearing Ear Dog*
C.)  Service Dog, Assisted Living Dog*
D.)  Theraph Dog (any organized visiting group). A minimum of six (6) months regular visiting are required. Must be thoroughly documented by Facility Administrators or Activity Directory and Group Director.

One (1) point for each title or Activity.

A.)  Agility* – agility titles from recognized organizations
B.)  Flyball* – flyball titles from recognized organizations
C.)  Scent Hurdle Racing*
D.)  Lure Coursing*

One (1) point for each championship from an approved registry or organization (e.g. CKC, AKC, FCI).

A.)  Conformation Champion

The purpose of this category is to show direct contribution to perpetuating the quality and versatility of the Bouvier des Flandres. Points from this category apply only toward BVCX and BVCCH titles. A maximum of two (2) points will be given from this category. Only OFA or OVC certified dogs are qualified to receive points from this category.

A.)  Progeny that have acquired conformation championships
B.) Progeny that have acquired obedience, herding, agility, draft dog or tracking titles
C.) Progeny that have acquired a BVC award

One (1) point for each activity.

A.)  Hunting Dog*
B.)  Water Rescue*
C.)  Modelling*, Acting*
D.)  Drill Team*, Square Dancing*, Free Style Dance*
E.)  Public Relations* (e.g. demos, parades, seminars)
F.) Heroic Feat (documented)

* These activities must verified in writing on three (3) separate occasions by three (3) separate officials (e.g. dog club official, school principal, licensed judge park ranger, etc.) unrelated to the owners of the dog.

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