The word “futurity” implies looking into the future; it signifies a conscientious attempt to ensure the future excellence of the Bouvier in Canada. Futurity is also a challenge, or a gamble on the future. To back up one’s faith in one’s own judgement, a breeder will pay monies into a fund which will be divided among the winners of the Futurity for each year. Much time and effort has been expended in the development of the breed as we know it today. A Futurity Program is the means for the continuation of this development and improvement.

The conscientious breeder chooses, as a potential brood bitch, a female that most nearly approaches the breed standard, and selects a suitable stud dog who will compliment the qualities of the bitch. The purpose of a Futurity Program is to encourage breeding high quality Bouviers and to reward successful breeders with recognition and monetary awards. Futurity is therefore a contest for the best “conformation” or adherence to the CKC standard for the breed. Proper conformation for a herding dog is the basis for the CKC standard which describes the perfect Bouvier. While we cannot hope to achieve perfection, the Standard sets a goal for which the conscientious breeder strives. The Bouvier originated as a herding breed, for the purpose of herding cattle. A herding dog needs more than just intelligence for the work he was originally developed to do. He must also have the stamina and rhythm of movement, to travel easily over all types of terrain for long periods of time in order to fulfill his role as a herding dog.

The goal of all Futurity breeders and owners is, of course, to record a win in the Futurity. All Futurity pups are bred for excellence, along with the prestige involved, there are also the financial rewards for winning or placing in Futurity. And, it is the highest honour to be the breeder or the owner of a winner in a Futurity.


When to litter is whelped, the breeder will register the litter in the Futurity Program. The person nominating (breeder or co-breeder) MUST be a member of the BdFCC. Prior to individual puppies turning 4 months of age, the owner (also MUST be a BdFCC member) or breeder will nominate any puppy out the nominated litter he/she wishes. The owner will then enter the puppy in the appropriate futurity competition.

To Be Held:

Each year in conjunction with the National Specialty. Dates and location should be know in advance of registration to permit travel considerations.

Rules: Eligibility to Nominate:

In order to nominate a litter, the breeder or co-breeder or to nominate a puppy the owner or co-owner must be a member of the BDFCC in good standing or apply for membership at the time of nomination. All Bouviers des Flandres are to be CKC registered (or CKC recognized foreign registration body, i.e., AKC) This status must continue throughout the eligibility period and the applicable show.


Litters may be nominated by the breeder or co-breeder within 30 days following the date of whelping. It must be on the futurity litter nomination form with the nomination fee ($ 25.00) to the National Futurity Chairperson. Each puppy in this litter will be eligible for individual nomination. No fees may be refunded.

Individual Nominations:

Nomination of eligible puppies must be made before the puppy reaches four (4) months of age. A photocopy of the puppy’s registration paper, the Futurity Puppy Nomination Form and the fee of $ 25.00 per dog. Any change of ownership must be notified with a copy of the registration papers stating the new owner(s). Eligibility will transfer to the new owner(s) providing they are a member.


Each dog must be registered or eligible for registration with the Canadian Kennel Club. Entry fees are $ 15.00 per dog and must accompany the official entry form mailed to the Show Chairman.

Dogs may not be shown unless entries have been received and listed in the show catalog (except in the case of printers error.)

Entry in the Futurity requires the dog to be entered in one of the regular classes at the BdFCC Specialty Show. The Futurity will be held in conjunction with the BdFCC National Specialty.

A cheque returned for whatever reason will void the entry (and any awards) unless made good within 30 days form the date of show, in case of the cheque returned after the show dates.

Entry fees are not considered part of the futurity income but used for specialty expense.


Classes will be judged in the following order: (approximately 3 months difference between each class)


whelped on or after
Junior dogs/bitches

June 1st to August 31st of the previous year.

Youth dogs/bitches

March 1st to May 31st of the previous year.

Intermediate dogs/bitches

December 1st to February 28/29th of the
previous year.

Senior dogs/bitches

September 1st to November 30th of the 2 years

Each class will be broken down in the above order with the dogs and bitches judged separately. Placements of first (1) through fourth (4) will be rewarded with the first place dog in each class to compete for Best in Futurity and Best Opposite Sex in Futurity.

Disbursements of Income – 30 %

Operating Expense Fund – 45 %

First Place in Each Class * (divided between the 8 classes with percentages used to determine amount of each class based on dogs entered) – 15 %

Best in Futurity – 10 %

Best Opposite Sex to Best in Futurity

60% of each prize goes to the owner and 40% of each prize goes to the breeder. Only one cheque will be issued to the first name listed on the entry form to the owner and breeder.


A nomination ballot for a Futurity judge will be sent to all members at a minimum of one year prior to the date of the National Specialty. Any person is considered eligible to judge as long as he/she is in good standing with the CKC, AKC or otherwise acceptable kennel club in his/her country of origin. Preference should be given to a breeder of Bouviers. The futurity chairperson will contract each individual nominated for acceptance of the assignment is he/she is selected. A selection ballot will be sent to all members. Each member will vote for their first, second and third choices with the individual who garners the most first place votes will be notified and a contract to judge futurity at our specialty. If for any reason he/she is unable to judge, the second place judge will then be contacted. There will a limit to expenses and fees paid by the BdFCC. A Futurity judge will be viewed as a sweepstakes judge according to the rules and regulations of the CKC Dog Show Rules, therefore ineligible to enter (owned or co-owned) or handle a dog entered at that Specialty.

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