Code of Ethics


A systematic collection of statues, body of laws so arranged as to avoid inconsistency and overlapping relating to morals or the science of morals, treatise on this, moral principles, rules of conduct, dealing with regulation of conduct.


The BdFCC will be governed by the rules and regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club (hereinafter referred to as CKC).  The BdFCC shall work in co-operation with regional clubs and organizations devoted to the objectives of the BdFCC.

ARTICLE I: General

Each member of the Bouvier des Flandres Club of Canada Inc. (hence forth called “the Club”) is firstly to serve the welfare and the best interests of the Bouvier des Flandres as a breed and individually, whether it be through breeding, selling, exhibiting, advertising and especially the physical care of his/her dog(s).

ARTICLE II: Member Relations

It will be every member’s responsibility to encourage membership and member participation. Each member will bear in mind that the Club exists to promote and protect the breed. Each member shall at all times, regardless of location or circumstance, conduct themselves in a manner that reflects good sportsmanship as a credit to themselves, the breed and the Club. No member shall subject another member, fellow exhibitor, fellow breeder, or his/her dog(s) to any indignity(s) and will respect the opinions and points of view of each member. Each member shall use his/her knowledge of the breed as a tool of instruction for the novice or in general as a benefit to educate for the good of the breed and offer the “novice” advice, constructive criticism or assistance when approached to do so.


It is each member’s responsibility to encourage and promote proper breeding of “pure bred” Bouviers, to follow proper breeding practices that preserve sound temperament, physical soundness, breed type and working ability. Before any breeding shall take place it should be carefully scrutinized as to the Breed Standard, pedigree, a basic knowledge of genetics and should be for the improvement of the breed and not solely for monetary gain. Also the following conditions should be followed:

  • Breeding shall only be considered when the proper care of the bitch and the offspring can be provided for;
  • All breeding stock shall be in excellent health and free from communicable disease;
  • To ensure breeding free from crippling or disabling hereditary defects, x-raying and certification from a qualified registry, is strongly recommended of both sire and dam before the breeding takes place;
  • At no time a Bouvier shall be bred when registration papers cannot be produced;
  • It is highly recommended to refrain from breeding a bitch until
  • her third heat cycle and preferably waiting until at least eighteen (18) months of age;
  • No bitch shall be bred more often than two (2) of three (3) heat cycles and only then if in excellent health;
  • A bitch shall be bred to one (1) stud dog during one (1) oetrus cycle;
  • Preferably, a bitch should not be bred after the age of 7 years unless veterinarian approved;
  • It is recommended that all stud service or lease contracts should clearly be put in writing and signed by all parties involved to protect the interest of all concerned. The body of these said contracts is at the discretion of the parties involved, but the main purpose should be the welfare of the dog(s) in question and the betterment of the breed;
  • All litters and individual stock produced shall be registered under the laws of the Canadian Kennel Club governing registration, sales and transfers of dog(s) and each member shall abide by these rules and regulations.


It is each member’s obligation to ascertain proper placement of his/her puppies and adult dog(s). The interests of the prospective buyer(s) be screened on his/her desire and intent for the Bouvier. The interest and ability to provide a safe, adequate home should be determined and that the puppy/adult will attain future veterinary care (i.e. updated inoculations, dewormings and routine checkups). Also to follow the guidelines below:

  • At no time shall a member engage in the wholesaling of litter(s)/adult(s) or stud service for commercial distribution (such as pet shops, dealers, catalog houses, etc.).
  • It is recommended that the seller supply written information on the care of the puppy/dog to include detailed records of previous medical care, future health care, feeding , training and grooming;
  • The seller at no time shall misrepresent a “pet quality” Bouvier as “show quality”;
  • It is the seller’s responsibility to encourage the buyer of “pet quality” to have the animal neutered/spayed and that it is a condition of sale;
  • Each puppy shall not be released prior to attaining the age of eight(8) weeks;
  • Each Puppy(s)/adult(s) should be sold with a written guarantee/contract/agreement for the protection of all parties involved which should meet the following minimum requirements:
  • whether it is “pet/companion” or “show/breeding” specimen, with breeding or non breeding agreement clearly stating the expectation;
  • replacement or refund against hereditary diseases;
  • that the said Bouvier (puppy/adult) is in good health and proper condition with properly docked tail, at the time of sale and with adequate immunization and deworming for the age of the animal;
  • to recommend to the buyer that he/she, within 72 hours after receipt of the Bouvier, have a health check done by a certified veterinarian to ensure that condition of the animal and send a copy of said checkup to the seller;
  • if it is normal practice of the breeder/seller to sell uncropped eared Bouviers and the buyer wishes to have the ears cropped, it shall be clearly stated as to whom will take care of the procedure and its expense. It should only be performed after a certified veterinarian has confirmed it will be a safe procedure having regard to the age of the Bouvier;
  • that the seller supply a minimum of three(3) generation pedigree upon release of the Bouvier.

ARTICLE V: Exhibiting

Being that exhibiting of dogs is a “sport”, members of the Club shall be expected to express “Good Sportsmanship” in all activities relating to and/or involving the Bouvier des Flandres. Members will at all times conform to the laws of the Canadian Kennel Club in regards to the entering and showing of purebred dogs.

ARTICLE VI: Advertising

All advertising by members shall be factual and honest, both in substance and implications, whether it be photographic, written or oral. At no time shall any member in his/her advertising or promotion, degrade the specimens of any other member/exhibitor/breeder/owner.

ARTICLE VII: Infractions

It is each member’s responsibility to ensure compliance with this Code of Ethics. Violations or infractions are to be brought to the attention of the Board, in writing, and then be dealt with in accordance with the Club’s By-laws. All reports shall be signed by the complainant and shall be accompanied with a $25.00 deposit which will be refunded if the complaint is found to have merit. All complaints will be addressed within 60 days of receipt of the complaint and resolved as soon as possible.


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