CKC Standard

Bouvier des Flandres



The exact origin of the Bouvier is in question. Originating in the agricultural plain of Flanders, Belgium, the breed was used mainly for herding and driving cattle. When the breed was first exhibited in Belgium in 1910, there were four varieties. Two years later, purists founded a group to standardize the breed into a single variety. World War I dealt harshly with the Bouvier but a few breeders succeeded in keeping their dogs. The breed distinguished itself during World War II for carrying messages under fire and searching out the wounded.


The Bouvier is fond of human companionship and does well in most environments. He is an intelligent dog with a steady disposition. Though spirited and bold, he is usually well behaved. The breed is often used as a watch or guard dog and has been employed as a guide dog for the blind.

Activity Level

Spirited he may be but the Bouvier tempers his vigour and daring with his steady character. Regular outdoor exercise is required for this compact and powerfully built dog.


Look for adult Bouviers to measure from 22.5-27.5 in (57-70 cm) at the shoulder.


The breed wears a thick, harsh, rough and wiry outer coat with an underlying soft and fine undercoat.


The weather-resistant topcoat may range from fawn to black in colour with salt-and-pepper, grey and brindle being included.


The coat requires regular brushing with some special attention to achieve the typical Bouvier outline.



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