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Breeders listed below are members of the Club and have signed to uphold the Club’s Code of Ethics. The Club makes no recommendation of any breeder nor accepts any responsibility for problem’s arising from such dealings. It is the buyers responsibility to screen each breeder and to select the one with which you are comfortable.

Breeders by Location

Aktiv Reg'd

Sylvi Holmsen
Abbotsford, BC
 604 820 0199

Breugel Reg'd

 Victoria Wellwood
Roberts Creek, BC
 604 886 7629

Catherine Heinzelman and Paul Zeegers
Quesnel, BC
250 747 3864

Afterglow Reg'd

Jacquie Moore
Cayley, AB
 403 585-9996

Angelbrin Reg'd

 Joanne Wollman
 Rockyview, AB
 403 936-5509

Nebadon Perm Reg'd

Cheryl Gilliam
 Leduc, AB
 780 387 3535

Indelible Reg'd

Sonya van Maanen
Sunderland, ON
 905 933 1786

Stonepillar Reg'd

 Bruce & Diane Ham
Hastings, ON
 705 696 2986

Thorcourt Reg'd

Dave Pozzobon
 Woodstock, ON
 519 469 8656

William A. Miller
Milverton, ON
519 998 4452

Galheights Reg'd

 Sophie Galland
St-Columban, QC
  450 565 5779


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