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Thanks for all inquires regarding Leo !  His family was able to keep him after all.


Leo (as he is called) is a 2.5 yr. old, male (neutered) “Bouvier” (pretty sure he’s a mix). He is a big boy! I am not sure of his weight (70-80lbs?)

I went to see him with my fiancé as his mother works with the gentleman. To keep it short and sweet, the woman is expecting their first child and they simply feel guilty as the dog is not getting the attention or exercise he deserves/needs.

He is a happy dog, friendly/polite with people and dogs (I had one of my males with me and they played in the yard no problem). He has done basic obedience and beginner 1 agility . They tell me he was great at agility and really liked it or he would make a nice flyball dog as well. He also loves water and swimming. He plays tug with you and likes to play “keep away”, catch and all the normal dog games.

I am told that in the house he is fully house broken, calm and settles without problem. He is not used to children as they are a younger couple and did not have many friends with kids. He did not display any aggressive behaviour at all!

He barked a little when we arrived, as he was out in their yard, but stopped once we entered the gate.

To be honest, he is a really cool dog! My fiancé wanted to take him but with 4 already at home it is just not possible!

The current owners would like to find him an active pet home or sport home where he will get the attention he deserves and have “a job” as to not be bored with life.


Bruno has found a new home in the Yukon.
Maureen sends her thanks for the exposure to assist in relocating Bruno.


Bruno’s Height 29ins; Weight 90lbs; tail – cropped; ears – not done; color – black/grey

I am looking for a home for a three year old Bouvier (owned from a pup). He is a very loving dog, house-trained, leash-trained and car-trained. He is great with kids, and the grandchildren love him.
However, his main fault is that he is nervous with strangers, barks loudly at them and often tries to nip at the back of the heels. He does not respond well to an outstretched hand until he knows the person. Since we are on a large farm (which you would think would be great) he is exposed to many people in and out. This makes it imperative to keep him on a leash or in the house and that is not a good option for him.

He has had training, but the trainer said right from the start that he was a “coward” as he put it.

When he knows a person, he becomes a lap-dog. He goes for kennel stays and is very good there. He also likes the pet grooming outlet and behaves there. He will also ride in the truck all day if allowed and is totally docile in the house.

We have tried some medication from the vet, and it has improved, but it is a worry to let him roam about, especially when no-one is home.

Inquires can go to Maureen Malenstyn


Echo has been officially adopted by Lynne and Reg


Echo is 2 yrs old, (born Feb 2008), tall (26″ at the shoulder),
brindle grey in colour, needs a firm hand and someone who can train him
as he is very lacking in the manners department.
Older children only as he gets a little rough when he wants to play.
Until Echo has manners, it’s probably best he be in a one dog household.
No information on how he is with cats.
He will try to dominate you if you are not an alpha person.
Will give kisses and likes his butt scratched.
Previous owner states up to date on vaccines but waiting on proof.
(Vaccines are now verified and he is good until July 2012).

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